IL Veterinarian Accused of Brutal Acts Against Shelter Pets

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has issued a 17 page complaint against Andrew Kaiser, the contracted veterinarian for the Quincy Animal Shelter who also runs a private practice. The document alleges numerous incidents where Kaiser failed to exercise “skill and care” in treating animals. Two of the alleged incidents occurred at the shelter.

Kaiser allegedly strung up a friendly pitbull at the shelter in a chokepole until the dog couldn’t breathe, hanged him then slammed him to the floor. The dog, whom Kaiser was supposed to be vaccinating, was left bleeding from the mouth.

A chihuahua whom Kaiser was supposed to euthanize at the shelter reportedly behaved in an aggressive manner. Kaiser allegedly tightened the noose of a chokepole around the dog’s neck, dragging and choking him inside the cage. The dog ended up breaking several teeth against the cage wall before Kaiser finally dragged him to the ground and stepped on the tiny pet with both feet while injecting him.

The remainder of the incidents allegedly happened at Kaiser’s private clinic and seem to demonstrate a pattern of willful negligence and violence against animals. Surgeries, including declawing and limb amputation, were allegedly performed without pain medications being administered during or after the procedures. Post surgical patients were allegedly left to bleed to death, unattended. When a dog balked at being caged, Kaiser allegedly punched him in the hip repeatedly.

The city of Quincy needs to decide what to do with Kaiser’s contract.  I have suggestions.  The county state’s attorney is dragging his feet too:

KHQA reached out to Adams County State’s Attorney Jon Barnard.

He said his office is waiting for an outside consultant before making a decision on whether to charge Dr. Kaiser with criminal charges.

The outside consultant is reportedly the ASPCA.  They need the ASPCA’s opinion on whether stringing up a 5 pound dog in a chokepole, knocking his teeth out then standing on him with both feet while killing him rises to the level of criminal charges.  Because grey area.

While all of the allegations are horrifying, the one that sticks in my craw the most is the hip punching.  To me, that’s an indication of someone who has been abusing pets for years and knows how to inflict maximum pain without leaving visible marks.  And if the owner noticed the dog limping or crying out after jumping on the bed at home, he’d probably take him right back to Kaiser for treatment.  Nice little business model there.

I hope the city of Quincy and the county state’s attorney don’t take too long consulting on Kaiser’s skill and care.  How many more animals must suffer and die while they make up their minds?

(Thanks Clarice.)

8 thoughts on “IL Veterinarian Accused of Brutal Acts Against Shelter Pets

  1. Every article you tagged is horrific, but my heart went out to that poor Loon he was trying to handle. The fear on its face of not only being in human hands but those of a sadistic asshat broke my heart. They need an “outside consultant” because no one in that town has a soul?? Jesus, people, if you can’t figure out that this guy is evil then you have serious issues.

  2. This POS sounds like a classic drug personality. I would like to see data compiled on the percentage of animal atrocities that are committed by drug personality sub-humans. The most dangerous predator on earth is a human without a conscience.

  3. This needs to be public, newspapers, TV, Facebook, whatever, so that EVERYONE knows what an evil guy this is and 1) NO ONE takes their pet there so he goes out of business, and 2) everyone petitions the city/county to FIRE him and get his license revoked.

  4. What on earth is the Illinois Bd waiting for? They don’t need anyone’s approval to suspend a license pending a full investigation I should think.

  5. This is horrible but they need an outside consultant to know this is wrong? I think you could run this past any group of decent people and have no problem with labeling this egregious abuse. And yes, this does sound like someone who likes to inflict pain stealthily when he can. I hope to hell his patients owners sue him to kingdom come if nothing else can be done.

  6. Wonder if he’s married or has children? Because this kind of personality makes me think he’s very prone to violence in other parts of his life as well.

    I can only hope there actually is a hell.

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