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    1. I found this blog post which has a little more information:


      His owner did try to go by BARC before he was transferred. But they refused to let her go back and check then told her checking the website was just as good. Being part of the “normal” general public who had never lost a pet before and had no prior dealings with animal controls and rescues, she believed them.

      The full ruling from SCOTX is very interesting reading as well:


      Basically, despite the fact they mean to imply that they have the right to sever ownership after a few days, legally they can’t.

    2. A couple of things I find very interesting in the full ruling.

      First, the statement made in passing – twice! – that ‘ … putting down an adult dog is arguably so inconsistent with the rights of the original owner as to imply a divestment of property rights.’ This is in reference to the local laws allowing killing of unredeemed dogs, which was also interestingly specific, in that apparently the way it’s written it may only apply to dogs wearing tags at the time of impound.

      Second, this: ‘If GHGSDR is suggesting that Monte was mistreated by the Liras, such mistreatment would not entitle GHGSDR to keep Monte. There is a separate statutory regime for removing an animal from its owner due to animal cruelty.’

  1. Proposed law in MA, would require EVERYONE who breeds even a single litter, to purchase a license (MINIMUM FEE $100) and submit to a potentially unannounced inspection. Even if you’re just giving away the results of the breeding.


    (I am unable to find this proposed law, either it’s to new for me to find or they have the wrong numbers in the article)

      1. the link didn’t come through


    1. It does look wonderful. I just don’t understand how it would work, logistically. Every dog must be chipped to help track medical stuff, but still… how do you know when one gets sick and wanders off to hide under a bush? Does every day end with a nose count? How do you know when one is off his feed? Unless you have a huge number of volunteers who work in quadrants with awesome documentation…

      I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking it. It seems both lovely and impractical at the same time.

    1. Shit. Reminds me of the time I saw a truck filled with ducks driving down the highway at 70 mph. Thing is… they were just open cages on the sides and it was snowing with bitter winds.

      All I could think was how horrible it must be for the ducks and how it couldn’t possibly be legal to transport them like that. But this was in the days before cell phones and I had no idea what I could do about, not even being sure what county I was in or who I could call.

  2. OmyDOG! That is just EGREGIOUS abuse BY THE SHELTER ‘VET’ who should have their license stripped AND be fined AND sued!!! How the HELL could a neuter surgery even be considered important when Jasper’s leg was in such horrendous condition. That is one sadistic lunatic of a so-called ‘veterinarian’ and everything should be done to make sure they never put their hands on another animal ever! Please try to find a lawyer – the recent Texas court ruling mentioned at the beginning of the comments here might be helpful in some way. I am SO sorry for your loss!

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