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In January, NY state inspectors found that the Islip animal shelter was sending strays out with rescues and adopters without holding them for the mandated 5 day holding period so their owners could reclaim them.  In February, the shelter director was caught on audio tape telling a puppy’s owner that her pet wasn’t at the facility then, after she apparently thought the owner had hung up, telling staff to lie about the puppy as he was being backdoored to a rescue.  The town allowed the director to retire instead of being fired.  She should be in jail.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

U Got the Look:  Shelter dogs in Ohio dressed up like Prince.

Officials at a middle school in Louisiana decided hell yes it’s appropriate to put a student’s service dog’s picture in the yearbook with all the other attendees.  (Thanks Claire.)

Pets help people in so many ways – this autistic child seemed to come out of her shell after getting a cat.  The photos accompanying the article are beautiful.

Dear All Police, Use these officers as your role models. Thx.  (Thanks mikken.)

Possible picture to give to your stylist next time you get a haircut.  (Thanks Claire.)

Hullo!  A humpback whale feeding at a marina in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Being a cat lover, I have been following the story of Iris Grace and Thula. Her mother has written a book called, “Iris Grace.” Iris paints and many of her paintings have sold to collectors. This site has a short video of Iris and the amazing Thula swimming together.

  2. It’s nice to read a story about compassionate police. There are too many dogs shot and now they are also shooting cats. Doves mate for life and take turns incubating the eggs. Somewhere around there should be a Mr. Gerty.

  3. Does anyone have the text of the first article? I can’t read past the third sentence without signing up for their paid subscription.

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