Nobody Wants These Animals: NYC Edition

What would you be willing to do in order to avoid killing a shelter pet?  And let me be clear – in this hypothetical, you are getting paid to do whatever it is your answer is going to be.  So set aside all those obstacles that sometimes hinder us in life when we are trying to save animals.  This is your job.  What would you be willing to do?

I’ll go first:  I would be willing to do just about anything to avoid killing a shelter pet.  The first thing I’d probably do is check the pet’s records to see if any interested adopters or rescuers had placed their names on the animal.  If someone had in fact applied to adopt the pet, I’d call that person.  If he left two numbers, or six or sixteen, I’d call all of them.  If he left an email address, I’d get typing, in addition to the phone calls.  If his mailing address was available, I’d drop a note in the mail if I didn’t receive a prompt response to the calls/emails.  If he put down his place of employment on the application and I hadn’t had any luck reaching him, I might go there, depending on the type of business.  Carrier pigeon, smoke signals, skywriting – I’m not ruling anything out.  And while I wouldn’t quickly give up on the adopter, I’d be trying all sorts of other things in the meantime:  posting an online plea for a temporary foster to buy an extra day, reaching out to rescuers/animal advocates/person I sat next to on the bus once/lady who made eye contact with me at the grocery store/etc.  Like I said, just about anything.

I’m guessing most readers here might give similar type answers.  But if your answer is:  I wouldn’t be willing to do one damn thing even though it’s my job and if I get called out on it later I’d just lie, you might like to apply at NYC ACC.  You know, to be around your own kind.

Promise, as shown in a video posted on Facebook.

This gentleman posted on social media that he had applied to adopt a dog named Promise from NYC ACC.  He was told he’d be contacted upon approval of his application.  While waiting, he tried to check back with the facility several times but couldn’t get anyone on the phone.  Finally he emailed and received a response:  NYC ACC had killed Promise because she had a cough.  They said someone had left him a voicemail but he says that just isn’t true:

I left both of my cell numbers, my girlfriend’s number, my mom’s number, 2 references complete with contact information. I have no missed calls, no voicemails on either of my phones… No email to ensure your transmission was received. No effort whatsoever. Shame on you Animal Care Centers of NYC. You killed my dog for fucking Kennel cough. She deserved better than that. You had a pending application and an eager recipient, yet you took her life anyway.

Her bed arrived last week, she’ll never get to sleep in it. Her new collar with her name on it was on the way, she’ll never get to wear it.


RIP Promise. We loved you already.

Well done NYC ACC.  You must be proud.  Same shit, different day.

NYC ACC says there is no such thing as no kill.  (There is, of course.)  I heard there was no such thing as monsters but apparently that ain’t true either.

(Thanks Nathan.)

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  1. Well, you know kennel cough is super, super serious. Like typhoid. And witches. Got to get it out of the population super fast or everyone is doomed.


    Would I make that phone call? Yes, I would. But I think that would entail actually checking paperwork before I went on my dog killing spree – something that seems to be just too gosh darn much bother to do there.

    So much easier to lie about it later, amirite?

    1. WTH are you talking about??? Kennel Cough is equivalent to our colds. Curable!!! Shelters are NOT taking the proper precautions to clean the kennels properly so it stops! They seem to be using it as an excuse to kill (population control) I am a Vet Tech. There is NO REASON to kill any animal with Kennel Cough!

  2. As a shelter manager, this brought tears to my eyes. We do absolutely EVERYTHING to get animals into homes. Even the ones with kennel cough. Even the ones with heart problems, heartworm, broken bones, skin conditions, ringworm, upper respiratory, no teeth, neurological problems, behavior problems, you name it, we’ve found a home for animals with it. I can’t imagine the heartbreak of the adopter, as my heart is breaking just reading about it. Of course there’s such a thing as no kill, but it actually takes someone who cares and a little bit of work. Yes, shame on ACC NY for killing Promise and condolences to the adopter for your loss.

  3. On May 7th there were 8 dogs listed To Be Destroyed, four of whom were “rescue only.’ Two (both r.o.) were reserved by New Hope Rescues , two were reserved by Members of the Public, two were arbitrarily held over for the next day’s list, one was returned to Super Urgent status, no reason given. The eighth dog was Promise, one of the r.o.’s, who, had they wanted to, could also have been held over. Every one of these dogs gets dumped onto this list as soon as they acquire the “shelter cold” as an inevitable result of simply being in that unsanitary environment so Promise was hardly the only one with Kennel Cough. It’s their fail safe killing excuse. What’s more, there are empty kennels. We can decode the human genome, build the Hubble Telescope, but animal prisons are stymied as to how they can keep the place clean, keep animals alive and hire humans who want to do both. The animals who make it out of that place do so thanks to the incredible volunteers who devote themselves to socializing, exercising, loving and writing the amazing notes that give these helpless inmates individuality, personality, beauty and worth. The paid administration, apparently, is far too busy to concern themselves with such menial things.

    1. I used to follow NYC’s Urgent page, but it became so upsetting I had to disconnect. They really do nothing to help these poor dogs. :(

      1. Me, too! Both cats and dogs . . . too many die for stupid reasons. Promise is certainly not an exception, likely more the rule. People of NYC, wake up and smell the dead bodies! Then do something to stop the killing!

  4. I have followed dogs on death row for two months I live in southwest Missouri but for some reason landed on the New York ACC website I am disgusted and appalled at the amount of dogs that are murdered at the shelter more than once there’s been an adopter and the dog killed anyway A couple of months ago there was a dog named brownstone when he was dumped at the shelter the little girl that owns him ask that he be covered up at night because that’s the only way you could sleep in the shelter murdered him. It seems that they focus on killing pit bulls more than any other breed but it may be because that’s the majority of what they get at the shelter whatever the case if you take your dog they are thinking they’ll finding a nice home he’ll wag his tail all away down the hall to the kill room before they stick a needle in his leg and he dies a horrible death . I’m so sorry they feel that they have to kill all these dogs summer there two days not even shown for adoption right now there are six puppies six months old Brought in at the same time on the kill list already . To the man who wanted Promise her name was so full of hope and so was her face and they murdered your dog she could’ve had a loving Home the shelter made zero effort to get a hold of you and murdered your dog alive snuffed out way too soon as they do others they are monsters

  5. The dog had a cough so we had to kill it. Last week my dog had cough, was vomiting and had diarrhea. I took him to the vets. Test were run, blood work done. My dog had the flu. I was given a prescription and a no food for 24 hours and today he is just fine. Places that kill a dog because they have a cough are pretty pathetic. Probably picked up kennel cough and all it is a cold. No need to kill a pet that a family wanted. I know everyone has caught a cold but we don’t kill them because of it. People like this need to be replaced with people who truly have the animals best interest at heart.

  6. My heart is breaking for Ray. Promise was a beautiful pet that could have been saved. I live in Virginia and follow the Urgent page all of the time. I am disgusted at the dogs/cats that are killed at NYCACC. Unfortunately most of the dogs killed are innocent pit bulls. Until people demand accountability from this hell hole, nothing will be done. I have signed petitions but still no change. It seems to me that someone like Tia Torres of Pitbulls and Parolees or Ellen Degeneres might have some pull for change. It is time for this to stop! RIP dear Promise and know that Ray and others loved you❤️🐾

  7. Breaks my heart. :( Could’ve had a very happy ending — but instead . . . another “oops” killing. Are you positive that wasn’t actually Memphis? Sounds just like our “shelter.”

  8. I remember when this happened as I am a part of a Group of Networkers and Crossposters That Work The NYC Dogs Every Single Day. They Have No Heart, No Mercy And We Work Tirelessly Day And Night To Find Fosters And Adopters For These Dogs. The New Shelters Promised Never Happened, The New Phone System Donated Never Was Put In Place, The Bullshit Excuses Keep On Coming. How About A Rescue Owner Signing Papers In The Lobby For The Dog And They Killed Him Right There And Then Anyway. A Woman Who Flew From Texas To Pick Up The Dog She Reserved Was Told Sorry He Was Euthanized When She Got There. The List Goes On And On. We Threaten To Quit Everyday Because We Cannot Bear To Watch The Extermination Of These Dogs Day In And Day Out.
    But We Then Realize We Are All They Have. The Volunteers In The Shelter and The Volunteers That Get the Word Out. Plus The Rescues That Pull Them And The Public That Donates Money and Adopts The Animals. Without Any Of These Components No Dog Or Cat Would Ever Get Out. Its A Miracle That Any Get Out Now. We are Their Voice. They Have None. Its Not Their Fault They Are There. We Cried When Promise was Murdered And When Brownstone Was Murdered. We Cried When The Last Four Were Murdered. RIP Coco, Bridgette, Rambo, And Fetty 7/03/16
    The Oops It Was A Mistake Is Getting Old. And We Tried To Reach You Even Older.
    How about When We Had A Great Foster From Montclair, NJ Try To Foster JROD. Just A Baby and They Killed Him Too. A Total Disgrace For The United States and NYC. Killing Our Dogs and Cats Like We Are in A Third World Country.
    My Heart Breaks For You Ray and For The Beautiful Dogs Like Promise Killed Everyday.
    We Try Everyday To Get Them Out. That is All We Can Do. Help Us Get Them Out.
    Until Something Changes, They will be Murdering Again Tomorrow.
    Just Sad, Frustrating, and Sickening.

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