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Lynn Co Animal Services in Texas recently announced plans to start killing dogs after 72 hours.  The director killsplained that the public is irresponsible, nobody wants to kill animals, blah cetera.  After the local news ran the story, so many stupid irresponsible public jerks called wanting to adopt, Lynn Co had to refer the unwashed masses to other shelters in the area.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Second Chance Dogs, a rescue that reportedly pulled a lot of dogs from Ashe Co Animal Control in NC, has severed ties with the facility because another rescue beat them to a “very adoptable litter” of puppies last month.  Second Chance was annoyed that AC didn’t turn the other rescue away and hold the pups at the pound, I guess you know, in case Second Chance might want to sell them.  Plus shelters are really swell environments for puppies so.  Second Chance got so much angry feels and decided to punish all the dogs at the Ashe Co pound by refusing to help any ever again.  (Thanks Lisa.)

Some of you have seen this in the Open Thread but I wanted to mention it here too:  A heartbroken owner who filed a lost dog report with Prince George Co Animal
Services in VA says she doesn’t harbor any ill will toward the shelter despite the fact that they forgot to file her report, impounded her dog, failed to find his microchip, then sent him to a rescue group.  The rescue director is jerking the owner around so shamefully that it’s embarrassing to be the same species.  (Thanks Clarice, et al.)

Nat Geo answers readers’ questions about cat behavior.  Note:  Even if you aren’t particularly interested in reading the article, you probably want to look at the super excellent kitten picture at the top of the page.  (Thanks Steven.)

Pilots broke the rules when flying evacuees from the Fort McMurray fire in Canada by accepting every pet who came with their family including dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas and frogs. The pictures of the pets on board the plane are awesome. (Thanks Karen.)

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  1. Re: Zeus the Huskey. Allegedly Fox is “working to return the dog” as of Sunday. The owner has what amounts as a gag order during this time and had to pull her page and refrain from saying word one about Zeus or what is happening.

    On the thread from the news station there is a picture of Zeus at animal control three posts down when comments are sorted by “top comments”. It’s looking at Zeus straight on, but it shows he looks pretty clean at that time.

    Then sort the comments by most recent. There is a post from a Kim Eaton. At this time it is the third down. She is claiming to be a vet trying to sort this out. She is implying the “rumors” that Zeus was sold started without any basis. That is a lie. Literally no one said a word about that until Fox herself said it in an idiotic attempt to make people go away when her page started to be blasted after the news segment hit the airwaves.

    Through Kim, Fox is apparently making a claim that part of the reason she didn’t return Zeus is he was dirty and poorly brushed when she got him, so she thought he was abused. That’s why the picture from when he was at animal control is important.

    TL;DR: Fox is still yanking everyone around and lying every time her mouth moves.

  2. I love how the photos and reporting of the pilots flying entire families away from Fort McMurray let everyone know that the animals were well-behaved, causing no trouble with others, just glad to be with the rest of their families. It’s so important to know and admit that the animals needed to go WITH their FAMILIES, because they are PART of the FAMILY!

  3. Two of the three people involved in the controversial dog theft/rescue case in VA were sentenced today:

    Personally, I want to know why they haven’t been forced to tell the full story of who they handed the dog off to and the others involved. Not to mention, where is the dog now. They admitted they stole him. Now return him.

    If the name of the CA rings a bell, it’s because he’s the tool who refused to prosecute PETA workers for stealing Maya the Chihuahua.

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