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    1. Waterford, and too many other locations, are well known for their policies about several kinds of dogs. Short hair? Blocky head? MUST be a pit bull! We have a ways to go to get out of the dark ages here.

    1. Oh, this is good! He should have tried to get them in the car earlier, but still big points for safely containing them!

      I can see where a foaming Boxer would really freak some folks out – so good that he kept his cool.

    1. Interesting that they chose orange as the third food – most cats find citrus offensive.

      Now if they had chosen cantaloupe, that would be interesting. Many cats love cantaloupe – the theory being that there is an amino acid similarity to meat…

  1. Since you’ve written a lot about HSUS, thought you would be interested in this blog that I just ran across.

    “The HSUS has decided to honor Grimmie for her support by creating the Christina Grimmie Animal Medical Fund which will help animals who are rescued by the agency’s Animal Rescue Team. ”

    This comes from the organization that, as you know, rarely spends money to truly “rescue”, or actually help, animals in any way and instead regularly dumps those “rescues” on other shelters, including kill shelters who gas animals to death.

    Just when I thought the HSUS could not stoop any lower, they are using this woman’s murder to suck more money out of unsuspecting animal lovers.

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