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  1. Couple months back I asked for advice about finding a home for a FIV + stray kitty.

    …guess who fostered failed and officially has a no new family member.

  2. I don’t know if you remember the nightmare that was animal control in Elgin, OK last year. Well, for the past year, a few volunteers (myself included) have worked very hard and no pets have been killed at the Elgin OK animal shelter since Major the GSP. Unfortunately, the shelter is completely full again and it is only a matter of time before city council orders dogs killed (The changes we have made are significant, but relatively superficial. City Council is still very much NOT on the side of the animals). I thought maybe I could share the link to our facebook page with our adoptable dogs posted in case anyone is in the market for a new friend. Have no fear, we will not give up on these great kiddos! Thank you for all you do!


    1. Super shady. Sounds like the shelter is dog flipping. And even if the chip “isn’t properly registered”, it can still be traced. IF you’re willing to make an effort…

    2. They wrote down the vet’s information on his kennel card! But freely admit they did nothing to contact him/the clinic. Which may be illegal under CA law.

  3. I keep wondering which “shelter” employee has a relative or friend that adopted the dog. Frenchies are very rarely available in rescue, so Birkin would be a much sought after prize. The family needs to sue and give this “shelter” some free publicity.

  4. There is a protest happening today, the local media has said they will cover that. There is also a lawyer involved if I am understanding the family’s support page correctly.

    Their current story seems to be that Birkin was adopted by one person when the owner came by and saw him there. But that person backed out so the second in line got him. Why that version? Allegedly they are falsifying adoption records. It is known that two shelter workers were seen sneaking Birkin out the back door later in the day his owner confronted them.

    The shelter keeps changing their story and only responded publicly after the news started investigating. It looks like they were under the impression that the news segment would support them. Not so much.

    There is something very illegal going on. No group acts like this if the law is on their side.

    Here is the support page


    1. Birkin is back home. I hope this “shelter” is investigated. It is clear that something illegal happened.

    2. Yep. The “adopters” had a sudden change of heart and managed to drive from Arizona just in time for the cameras.

      This was so an inside job that was illegal.

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