5 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. The rabbit statues reminded me of a charming piece I read recently about writer, comedian and actress Jenny Slate, co-creator of Marcel the Shell, who loves figurines of animals.


  2. Lawton OK Animal Welfare is awful. Basically, an elderly couple had just moved to town, couldn’t care for their animal in the way they thought was best. They contacted the shelter for 3 weeks, waiting for space to be available so they could surrender their dog and it could be rehomed. The shelter finally takes it, but when more animals come in, they kill the dog. They say “it” was aggressive. Owners stop by to check on the dog, are told it was killed. Owners are devastated, saying they would have taken their beloved dog back if they thought he’s be killed. Somehow, the shelter posts this whole story themselves and make it about the irresponsible public not claiming, spaying/neutering, adopting, etc. Ridiculous. I am so mad and sad for the elderly couple trying to do right by their pet and for the poor little dog who wasn’t given a fair shot.


  3. A French Bulldog dies within 24 hours of being left with a rescue that also runs a boarding facility. They have yet to say anything that isn’t patting themselves on the back for the work they do as a rescue. They also cannot admit they were in fact given an official copy of the necropsy report. However, they have found the time to scrub all online reviews of them (Yelp sucks, btw) however.




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