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    This is a kokako from New Zealand. From Wiki:

    The kōkako is a poor flier and seldom flies more than 100 metres. The wings of this species are relatively short and rounded. It prefers to hop and leap from branch to branch on its powerful grey legs. It does not fly so much as glide and when seen exhibiting this behaviour they will generally scramble up tall trees (frequently New Zealand podocarps such as rimu and matai) before gliding to others nearby. Its ecological niche is frequently compared to that of a flying squirrel. Its diet consists of leaves, fern fronds, flowers, fruit and invertebrates.

  2. Okay, poor flier, omnivorous – definitely a member of the chicken family. I’m claiming this one as a win.

    1. I can accept that. You have won the use of one adorable, roo-ing beagle every morning from 4am – 6am, to be returned home as soon as she is ready for her morning nap.

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