Treats on the Internets

The Memphis Humane Society is apparently still a mess.  After threatening to kill a dog who looked at a baby, and firing some employees in response to the ensuing public backlash, the new director is attacking and alienating everyone within an internet-mile-radius.  (Read the comments too, if you haven’t exceeded your ew, that person is in charge of an animal shelter? quota for the week.)

Award winning dog photos and because right now, we probably all need it, more beautiful dog photos, these featuring oldens.

Apparently stealing bee colonies is a thing, and it’s best done at night.

Hot job lead, if you know any out of work Hedgehog Officers.

Quite a lot of things I didn’t know, all in a rather short article.

Which would you rather?:

A Wildlife Show at the Alice Springs Desert Park in Australia
Winged Terror From Above

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Okay, the wild hippos are a shock. From 4 to 35 is clearly a problem that’s not going to go away. If they can’t be captured and safely put into zoos or even taken back to Africa (I’m sure that’s not possible for lots of excellent reasons), building another ‘private park’ they could escape from sounds like a bad idea. No one should like the other option, but it’s not right to have them harming native animals….

  2. Wow, the new director at MHS is a real gem. “Quit your bitchin’ “? That’s some professionalism going, there.

    Look, I know that some volunteers can absolutely be a pain in the ass. But instead of alienating them, a good leader would use them to keep a shelter honest. And that whole situation around Train is super sketchy… the director’s statements about how he’s being handled are less than reassuring.

    The eagle trying to pick up the kid was impressive. He’ll either love or fear them from now on, but either way, he’ll certainly have more respect for them!

  3. Apparently another “oops” occurred at MAS when four puppies that had been microchipped with a rescuer on the way were slaughtered “by mistake.” I don’t know who to send a link, sorry.

  4. Those dog pics were just what I needed today, old dogs are wonderful and soothing to the soul.

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