Montgomery Co Vols Call for Shelter Reform

When a dog named Peggy Sue tried to break out of the terrible Montgomery Co pound in Texas, she wound up hanging by the neck, pinned between what appear to be metal grates shoddily fastened on top of her kennel.  She suffered there until a volunteer found her and saved her life.  This is a photo, posted on social media, of the dog being helped by the irresponsible public, while the staff was doing I don’t know what:

peggy sue montgomery co

The Montgomery Co pound is the same place where a sheriff’s deputy bashed a dog’s head in with a 2 X 4 then adopted another dog because the staff allegedly had no idea what was going on in their own facility.  And when they figured it out later, meh.

The shelter volunteers are fed up and calling for reform.  See their action alert here.

(Thanks Nathan.)

5 thoughts on “Montgomery Co Vols Call for Shelter Reform

  1. Their director is getting paid 140K AND is a licensed veterinarian, but REFUSES to treat animals because he was hired to be a director, not to be a veterinarian? WTH?

    This guy needs the BOOT and now. Along with what sounds like his lackadaisical staff who would rather hang out at the picnic table than clean kennels.

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