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  1. Cop Kills Five-Year-Old’s Dog At Birthday Party, Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

    “An Oklahoma family says a Wynnewood police officer unnecessarily shot and killed their five-year-old son’s dog, Opie, in front of him and other children at his birthday party.

    According to police, the officer was attempting to serve a warrant on someone who had listed the address of Vickie Malone and her family as his last place of residence ten years ago. Malone said the cop never produced said warrant, even after Opie was dead.”

    July 21, 2016, More info – http://www.copblock.org/163302/cop-kills-5-year-olds-dog-at-birthday-party/

    Puppycide issue also looked at with double standard listed as one cause.

    1. Especially those of us who rely on the Nutriscan testing for food allergies and thyroid testing. They also run a blood bank – if they close all of those greyhounds in the blood bank program will have to be adopted out or euthanized. This in NOT good. Please, if you’re in CA, WRITE!

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