14 thoughts on “Open Thread

    1. The link below the photo featured here leads to a series of pictures of the Wildlife Protection Dog Unit of Lower Zambezi. My first take on the photo was that the man and his K9 partner were probably tracking poachers. I am not sure that is their assignment but this, and the others, suggest that the Wildlife Protection officers and their dogs are training to detect illegal game and/or poachers. Lovely depiction of the human-dog partnership.


  1. The MSPCA takes in a “stray” cat from someone who lived 20 miles away from them. They then only give him two days before killing him. Because it was too much work to take care of him.


    1. They “did the best they could”.

      Yep. The best they could. Wonder if they did a damn thing to find the owner before killing the cat?



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