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  1. A firefighter gets back from fighting wildfires to discover his dog had gotten away from his friend who was watching him. His phone was out of range while battling the fires, so he didnt recive any calls.

    By the time he got back, WHS had already placed his dog. In the few days that those people had him, they claim to have formed an unbreakable bond with the dog and refuse to return him.


    1. I wonder how hard his friend tried to find the dog & what steps he took to inform local police, vet offices, & shelters. I know dogs get loose from their owners, and other people who are caring for them, but a little plug for professional pet sitters who will go to great lengths to get dogs back when they get loose. One client’s friend was dropping off a present and the dog got out Friend didn’t tell the owner until later when she asked if the dog barked when present was put inside the house – 6 hours later. Owner called me to ask for advice – I went there, searched, called surrounding cities PDs, vets, and shelters, then went to the one holding the dog to identify her (and keep them from transfering her to the giant county shelter), and waited until the owner came to pay ‘bail’ to spring her. My client’s are told to call me for help, any time, because I care about their pets – not just for their money.

    2. Update: The adopters returned Hunter to the HS. His owner is now 3 days into what could be a 21 day period of fighting wildfires again.

      At first, the HS said the owner’s mother could pick Hunter up. When she got there, they changed their mind and now only his owner (who again, is out fighting wildfires, something they are fully aware of) can pick him up.

      So now it is unclear what they are going to pull next.


      1. Sounds like a great way to run up a huge “boarding bill.” If owner can’t afford to pay it they can sell the dog for an equivalent “adoption fee.” Of course I would expect that the local dog community will be sure he has the ransom that will be demanded. I wonder how people who are twisted in this manner find their way into the sheltering business.

  2. UK again:

    It seems the RSPCA is very much like our ASPCA/HSUS when it comes to how they handle animals.

    A cat is brought into them with a microchip. They make zero effort (they admit “human error”) to track the chip and rehome him. When the owner manages to track him down, they tell her she is SOL even though the chip was registered and up to date.

    I’m not sure if this article mentions it, but they have offered the owner grief counseling to get over her loss and have told her she should be thankful the cat is even alive as they often put down stray cats.


      1. Maybe it’s just me, but if I go to change the registry on a chip, I’m going to wonder who had that chip registered before me.

        I’m also wondering if the adopters were led to believe that this cat’s previous owner wasn’t a good person – after all, they had him for weeks in medical care, he came in a mess, yep, his owner must be a real jerk to allow her cat to get into that shape. Probably didn’t care at all, you guys are MUCH better people and will love him more…

        Just wondering if there’s some judgmental bullshit happening on the shelter’s part that has tainted the adopters’ decision-making process.

      2. The RSPCA is known to force people to sign over animals to them by making them think they will be arrested if they don’t (a flat out lie). They also are coming out as a killing factory, something they let slip when they told the owner she should be glad they even let Booba live.

        The RSPCA/CP also retain ownership of all animals that are “adopted” out by them. So they could return Booba if they really wanted.

        Now they are claiming they put up flyers about Booba, and that was sufficient far an attempt to find his owner. They ignore the fact the owner contacted them while he was lost and they told her the chip would be good enough for them to get him back to her.

        The public at large at supporting the owner. That’s why the RSPCA is trying to come up with a story that will make them look better and the owner neglectful. There are also people tearing apart social media for all cats named Duke. So here’s to hoping public shaming will do what human decency hasn’t.

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