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  1. Alice

     /  August 27, 2016

    This isn’t a request to sign anything, but the details on this petition are horrifying, yet oh so common:

    Quick summary: a Good Samaritan picks up what she thinks is a stray cat. She takes him to the “shelter”, in an effort to do the right thing. She was told they were no kill, and that someone would call her should there be any issues finding a home for him. They never contact her again.

    The owner finds out her cat was taken into the “shelter”, and is basically jerked around for several days before they admit they killed her altered, microchipped cat for being “wild”.

    Tell me again how altering and microchips will save all animals.

  2. Random: The power went out 6 times this morning. My internet connection is terrible. But Hermine is supposed to have moved on from our area by tomorrow. Where I wish I was rn:



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