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      1. Transparency! There’s nothing like shining the light of truth on a situation to encourage the “right thing” to happen. So glad that this pup has been reunited.

      2. Here is a statement that has been posed several times on FB by someone claiming to be the buyers:

        Ok, so I’ve been seeing a lot of misguided posts about this story from a lot of people that were not there on Friday. I’m the one that brought Kenyo( F.Y.I we never named him Homer, that name never fit him) home. This is a sad story all around and I feel a lot of people are judging my families and the Human Societies action without knowing the other side. Last week my family and I went to the Human Society three times to look at him and to find out more about the adoption process. We decided to take him home Friday. We called the Human society to ask if he was still available, and was told he was at a event to be adopted. So we went there to get him. We where there for about an hour watching him interact with random people and play with our kids before we started the paperwork. We finished all the paperwork when the owner showed up saying he was her dog. This was my wives biggest fear about adopting an animal from a shelter, and it happened laterally five minutes after we signed the papers. The shelter worker told the owner that he’s been at the shelter for over a month without anyone claiming him, and we’ve already finished the paperwork so legally he was ours. I was at a loss for words, to be honest I think everyone was at a loss. She said his name Kenyo and he looked up but he never acted like a dog that was seeing a member of his family for the first time in over a month. She told us her son would be heart broken when he get back home( he’s in the Navy), I’m a Marine Vet and was willing to hand her the leash right then. But the owner looked at us, told us about his food allergy, and asked us to take care of him… then she left without another word. If she had papers or pictures she never showed them. My wife looked at the shelter worker and said if it’s her dog we don’t want to take him from his family. The shelter worker told us it was our choice since we finished the paperwork. My wife told me to get her, my son and I looked but the event crowd was starting to build and we couldn’t see her. We all stayed around waiting to see if she came back with something to prove he was hers, but she never did. I’m not saying she left to pass any blame to her, If I was in her shoes frustrated and angry I could have forgot to show a picture too. The only proof she offered at that time was a scar on his belly. When we got home my wife saw the scar and knew he was hers. The Human Society told us we had five days to return him, and 30 days to get the license. We decided to wait on getting the license in case she tried to get him again. For us Saturday came and went without hearing anything. We didn’t see the news or even know she contacted the news about him, if we had known we would have contacted them right away. Sunday morning the Human Society called us and said she as trying to get him back. We told them to have her show them what ever paperwork they needed for proof. About 30 minutes later we went to the shelter. As soon as I seen the way he acted when he saw the kids and the other dog I let the leash go and tried to comfort my crying children. If she had shown us any pictures or papers that Friday I would never have let her leave without him. As dog lovers we would never willingly separate this family. We understand the pain of losing a companion, 4 months ago we lost our companion that was a member of our family for 14 years. Keyno was our first attempt at filling that void. Now my family is feeling the pain of that loss redoubled do to losing two amazing dogs. Please don’t blame the Human society or it’s workers. They’re underpaid, understaffed, over worked and underfunded. Doing a job that’s underappreciated even though it’s important not only to the animals they care for but the community as a whole. At that moment I feel the worker did what she thought was best given the evidence at hand. Even thou there will always be a chance at something like this happening again, we still plan on adopting a dog from the shelter. If you’ve ever been to one you’ll understand way. In this rare story there will be two dogs going to loving homes instead of one. My family is happy Keyno is back with his family and we wish them the best. Now you know the other side. Do with it what you will. GOD Bless and Love Your Pets.

        It should be highlighted that the owner went by the “shelter” every week while her dog was missing. Turns out, he was in isolation for 20 days, where no one from the general public is allowed to go. No one tried taking down her information, because apparently they only do that upon demand. The also never posted his picture until the day of the envent.

  1. Our senior beagle, Wendy, is not doing well. She was diagnosed with very early stage kidney failure in May and I did not expect things to progress so quickly but apparently they have. I had her at the emergency clinic yesterday and am taking her to my regular vet when they re-open tomorrow morning. It is painful to see her feeling so poorly. We are doing everything we can for her but will also gratefully accept any positive thoughts anyone has for her. Can’t hurt, might help, plus – they’re free. I will post an update after our vet visit tomorrow.

    1. So sorry Wendy is feeling so poorly. My thoughts are with her, and with you. I hope there is better news tomorrow.

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