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    1. You know, I know nothing about bite work other than the training videos I’ve come across, but it seemed even to my ignorant self that the handlers were a bunch of yahoos who were clearly not professional in their dog handling skills. The dogs also didn’t seem to be well trained, but that may be the fault of the poor handling, I don’t know.

      What I did notice is that in at least one place, there were comments of “pit bulls being used to attack people”. Looking at the photos and video, I saw not a single pit bull-type dog. There was a Cane Corso, but no pits. Putting a pit label on them just because they were “attack dogs” (or whatever they were meant to be) is just another example of where BSL has led us in dog identification. Straight to Stupidtown.

    2. I just listened to this podcast and it’s horrendous what was done both to the dogs and the protectors. Honestly, I wonder if dogs have any place in these situations. I can understand the use in search and rescue or tracking but aside from that why do we drag them into our battles?
      Especially with recent studies that drug dogs are not working out , they alert when their handlers want them to. And with the number of dead and injured police dogs hurt or killed by their handlers.

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