Sorry, You Are Out of Refills on Your HeinousStinkingCruelty Prescription

Rebecca Coleman, the shelter vet at the Memphis pound on whose watch numerous dogs have starved to death, including a puppy who was forced to eat his own littermate to survive, and who scrubbed a degloved cat’s wounds without providing pain medication then left him to suffer in a cage for 5 days, and who neglected a puppy with a collar deeply embedded in her neck and many other also horrible things HAS BEEN FIRED.  Or to put it more bureaucratically, she was not re-appointed by the mayor.  Whatever.  Just thank ponies.





19 thoughts on “Sorry, You Are Out of Refills on Your HeinousStinkingCruelty Prescription


    She should thank her lucky stars that she didn’t lose her license and has not been jailed for her “work” at MAS. Now let’s hope that she gets a job in the field she truly loves – forensic veterinary science.

    Because dead animals feel no pain. And that’s as close as she should EVER get to the living, from now on.


    I really, really hope her next potential employers google her name before hiring.

  2. NASTY BIT**, maybe someone will put a tight scarf AROUND her neck…And just forget about her. Thank you god…

  3. It’s about dang time! she should have been ARRESTED FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY AS WELL AND MADE TO PULL FELONY CRIME TIME!

  4. Well, yes…to the extent that the butcher has left the building…that part of it is over. But we’ve stepped in a bigger, smellier pile of shit with our esteemed director and her new/older hatchet woman, Whitney Van Zandt. No happy dance here.

    1. But imagine how much harder the fight would be if they had Coleman backing them up the whole way. That “DVM” carries weight for some people who don’t know any better.

      If we can get a decent vet in there, they may actually advocate FOR the animals instead of against them…

      1. And in other MAS News…Memphis Animal Services, CACA, Memphis had their license placed on probation today for 1 year, with terms by the TN Department of Health for: Willful or repeated violations of this chapter or any rules of the board; performing euthanasia or procedures without proper education and/or certification; violation of the provisions of the non-livestock Humane Death Act; any violation of TCA @63-12-124: failed to adhere to rules and/or statute, regarding methods allowed. SHOCK.

  5. Best best news I’ve seen for a long time regarding MAS! Wicked evil person finally got her due desserts! Thank you God!

  6. How did that vet get away with so much? Isn’t there a board of veterinary medicine that comes in and punishes/revokes your license when word gets out you’re torturing animals? If a physician did that the board of medicibe would come investigate.

    1. That’s how things work at MAS. Glad she’s out and hope she is never allowed to deal with animals again. Too bad the new folks aren’t any better.

  7. Penalties are way too easy for these cases. We just had a case here in Ontario, Canada with a vet in St.Catharines who abused animals in his care by punching and choking them. He was filmed by one of the employees, but still got away with it for 3 years before being suspended from practice for a less than a year.

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