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  1. Should have come with a don’t watch while drinking coffee alert. Good cat ~ and even a handwashing after using the toilet!

  2. I engaged in a self-inflicted head butting session recently with someone I should know better than to try to have a conversation with. There is just no conversation to be had. But it did lead me to post a blog for no kill advocates who may learn something from what we did/are doing in Huntsville, Alabama. We are not yet a no kill community by our standards. But we know we have made a difference. No matter what some haters say. And no matter how some organizations try to act like we do not exist.


    1. Thanks for sharing this. I have sent on to a small group of folks who are trying to make some changes in our local ac ~ who spend much of their time thinking up excuses for why they are killing cats and dogs while claiming “we don’t euthanize for space”. Amazing how many medical and behavioral challenged animals we have in our community! I am one of those who is much too ‘in your face’ about this so it helped me, too. You’re doing good things for your community animals, Brie.

      1. Brenda Cameron (president of the BoD) has made it a personal mission to slander this family and completly disregard this child’s disabilities. For those with a strong constitution, many of her comments can be found here.

        One more thing of note. When the old shelter manager was fired back in February they brought in an interim one who still holds the role, Susan Woodward. She is Cameron’s sister.


    1. Why? Because from all I’ve heard, it’s what they do. This is how they prefer to do their jobs – killing dogs for “behavior”. Like the dog they tried to kill for looking at a baby wrong…

      1. That is just sad. Seems like they are both there for a paycheck and news exposure. We need people there that has compassion for the animals as well as the people.

  3. Why was the new director Alexis and new shelter supervisor Whitney at MAS fired from the Humane Society. Now they at MAS killing dogs for “behavior”.
    P.S I hope no Muslims work there because they might be next because Alexis hate them just like dogs. Whitney has no idea on running a shelter. I feel so sorry for the animals at MAS under their care.

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