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  1. Quick reminder, the American Pets Alive No Kill Conference (www.americanpetsalive.org) is coming up on November 5-7th. The price increases on October 3rd.

    The American Pets Alive! Conference was started with a clear purpose. In just three days, attendees can learn what otherwise may take months or years. At AmPA!, you’ll leave with detailed, proven strategies to stop killing in your community. Whether you’re a shelter director or employee, a volunteer, foster or community advocate, you’ll go home with the tools and knowledge to make immediate change. That’s our goal, we will provide you with the tools to save more lives.

  2. Montreal Canada just passed a new version of their dog law. I imagine most folks have heard about the BSL portions, which is pretty bad all by itself. But the law also makes some other things illegal that dog owners need to be aware of. Among other things, dogs over a certain weight must be walked by either head halter or harness, dogs are not allowed to drink from public fountains or ponds, and dogs who kill a wild critter (including frogs or toads) could end up euthanized.


  3. Additional notes on the Montreal law. They can enter your home without a warrent and hold the dog for 72hrs, if you don’t fix it within that time the dog will be euth’ed. You cannot feed your dog within a dog run. You cannot play with your dog, using a toy such as a ball, with in a dog run if someone elses dog is present (so if your buddy brings his dog over for a play date and you throw a ball for fetch you’re screwed).

    1. Ok, reading it closer, the dog run rules appear to apply only if the dog run is a public off leash area. And while I’ll agree that feeding your dog in, or bringing toys into, such areas is a bad idea I don’t think the dog should be euthanized for such.

      Also, the law appears to call for mandatory sterilization and microchipping of all cats and dogs.

      Your dog (or cat) can be convicted of being a nuisance for barking (or meowing) at all.

      Your dog can be convicted of being a nuisance for digging through the trash, the law does not specify that the trash in question has to be in public, so in theory your dog could be euthanized for digging through the trash within your house.

      You cannot walk more than two dogs at a time without a special permit and you must have that permit on you at all times and provide it to authorities any time they ask.

      You cannot own more than 2 dogs without a special permit, and the max cap is 3 dogs period.

      You cannot own more than 4 animals at all.

      This law is so screwed……

  4. Purebred rescue dog gets out of owner’s yard. A neighbor finds him and takes him to a vet’s office. The owner had forgotten to update the chip, but it is “mysteriously” registered to a former volunteer with the rescue the owner had adopted him from. She picked him up from the vet.

    She then calls the owner with bad news, the dog had escaped from her boyfriend’s yard. But she refuses to tell the owner where that is.

    He then files a police report and the story goes viral on Facebook. The owner gets a call from a Petsmart store, a woman shoved a dog that looked like his through the doors and yelled that she found him in traffic before running away.

    When the owner got there, his dog had ointment in his eyes from surgery, was groggy, and had staples in his back to close up two incisions. Incisions made where microchips are normally found.


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