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  1. vida

     /  October 1, 2016

    The Montreal BSL law goes into effect and seems set up to allow for maximum killing-

  2. Lisa B

     /  October 2, 2016

    I’m all for saving dogs in all countries … but bringing dogs from South Korea to a state where rescuers here are feverishly pulling dogs from shelters and sending them to northern states to get adopted just seems a bit weird. Or is it just me?

    Dogs rescued from South Korean dog meat farm brought to NC

  3. I absolutely love German Shepherds. I grew up with a Beautiful, Gentle, Loving and Loyal German Shepherd. She was very friendly to everyone unless you tried to raise your hand to hit me, my sister, and my mother. She would attack anyone that tried to hit or harm us in anyway. I want a German Shepherd again to be a good in house companion for me to love and pamper her. Please contact me if you have one that is a Retired Police or Military puppy. I would love one and charish it.I’m wanting one that is less than a year old or Retired. Thank you and God bless.

  4. anne davis

     /  October 4, 2016
  5. Alice

     /  October 4, 2016

    Animal Control kills a dog for spinning in circles less than an hour after picking him up:

  6. Deborah Allen

     /  October 5, 2016

    I have tried several times to copy and click on your link to adopt a German Shepherd without any success.



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