Case Update: Klein Animal Shelter Director Guilty of Cruelty

Many readers likely recall the horrors documented by the state of Texas at the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville.  For those who don’t, click through using caution because the images are very disturbing.  In a nutshell, the untrained staff was physically abusing animals, leaving injured animals to suffer in filth without treatment, cruelly killing animals in view of other animals, mixing dead animals with live animals in cages – all while the director spent her days running a fight club of which the staff were members.  The facility has since closed, and some of the rural counties which contracted with Klein for AC have failed to secure new contracts, instead taking found animals to private vets to be killed.

Today, an update on the case.  Former shelter director Angela Wallace will spend zero days in jail:

Ms. Wallace pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor offenses in late June: Cruelty to non-livestock animals and illegal euthanasia.
She was sentenced to two years probation – the maximum length of time for misdemeanors.
She was charged $3,000 in fines and $594 in court costs for both charges and was ordered to perform 140 hours of community service, Cherokee County Attorney Dana Young told the Progress. Other conditions of probation included completing anger management classes and not owning any pets. Ms. Wallace cannot work with animals again.

If you are wondering what happened to the felony charge against Wallace, she utilized a state law which allowed her to admit guilt while not being prosecuted for it. If you are wondering where the justice is for the animals who suffered such heartbreaking abuse during Wallace’s time at the shelter, I got nothing.  I also have no information on what is happening with the other two employees who were charged in connection with the case but presumably, if the person in charge got off with probation, the subordinates will probably get less.  Maybe a bouquet with a “sorry we charged you” card from the DA’s office, I don’t know.

(Thanks Stephen, Clarice and Nathan.)

8 thoughts on “Case Update: Klein Animal Shelter Director Guilty of Cruelty

  1. It makes me sick to my stomach to we have this kind of evil people over our defenseless animal’s our beautiful pet’s and treat them the way they did and not get the punishment they deserve.

  2. So much for the law. Well, at least she was found guilty. I guess that’s… something?

    It’s cases like this that make me wish there was a Hell…

  3. There is no punishment that would be severe enough, in my opinion, but this is ridiculous. Apparently the lives and suffering of the animals mean nothing. One day she will have to answer for her deeds and so will the others. I have to believe that.

  4. This is so disgusting! And we wonder why this type of abusers keep doing it. Please email your Representatives & Congressmen & tell them how mad you are. And what an injustice this is. The laws need to change!

  5. Sad to say, but this doesn’t surprise me at all.
    Here’s why: there is a donation-funded horse rescue/kill shelter in Valley Center, CA whose owner-operator has posted publicly that she has shot to death 56 healthy rescued horses this year that tens of thousands of dollars in donations were/are raised each week by their social media “village” to rescue horses from a sale that kill buyers operate out of illegally (horse slaughter dealings have been illegal in CA since 1998 but that doesn’t stop the donation-funded rescues in CA to use the threat of horses going to slaughter to receive donations the principles st the rescue live off of).
    Donations are supposed to be used to buy the horse, pay for a vet exam, treatment, vaccinations, deworming, and 2 months of feed.
    Unfortunately however, many of the rescued horses are illegally shot to death within 2 weeks of being rescued, and vet reports and vet bills are so rarely presented, that its fairly certain that a vet never examines or even glances at most of the “rescued horses” at all.

    So too bad, so sad, but the money for their care disappears into secret accounts and the rescue gets more horses using donation money the next week at the sale, and the week after that, etc.

    This “rescue” has written they’ve rescued 350 horses in 2016, but at least 56 have been shot with a .22 by the non-veterinarian owner of the rescue/kill shelter, and hundreds of horses are missing entirely.
    Where it gets interesting is when complaints have been sent to several law enforcement agencies, animal control, the humane society, and the DA’s office, NONE of the agencies or organizations express any interest in investigating the illegal and cruel shootings of healthy, or reasonably healthy “rescued” horses, the fraud, or the illegal horse slaughter activities.

    Oh, that’s right, it’s probably because the owner of the rescue is a former ACO that is collecting disability payments on a questionable on the job brain injury.

    This sends a message that “it depends” on who you are and who you know on whether people will be investigated and prosecuted, or NOT.

    One things for sure though, it’s always the animals who suffer and die because some people are just plain bad.

  6. It is a sad world ,I hope these people die a slow and terrible death and then burn in hell ,shame on anyone that would kill a poor helpless animal ,you horrible inhuman beast

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