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While cleaning at the Bedford Co Animal Shelter in VA, employee Bryan T. Skinnell allegedly beat a cat so severely that a vet could not save the animal. Skinnell has since been fired and charged with felony cruelty.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)


A young woman who volunteered at the Gwinnett Co pound in Georgia for two months was fired because the powers that be decided her dyed hair, tattoos and piercings did not conform to the county’s grooming policy. After two months. Gee, if only she looked more like Mr. Skinnell, whose appearance was sufficiently acceptable to give him a job, never mind accept him as a volunteer. Because appearance directly correlates to compassion, obviously.  (Thanks Valerie.)


Case Update:  Appomattox Co in VA finished investigating itself in the killing of shelter dog Sam.  The report released by the county basically says no wrongdoing by the county, other places are worse, and describes the facility’s number as “exemplary”.  The hastily named Animal Welfare Action Group opted to take no action for animal welfare, simply stating that they found details of the report to be inaccurate but they don’t want to make waves.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Case Update:  Mary Jo Frazier, former head of Boulder City AC in CO charged with felony animal abuse, accepted a plea deal to avoid trial.  Frazier who allegedly killed shelter pets illegally “for fun”, pleaded guilty to two felonies relating to two pets:

“You did willfully, unlawfully, maliciously and feloniously torture and or unjustly maimed, mutilate or kill a male dog names Oscar and or a pit bull puppy named Lotus,” said Judge Susan Johnson, in reading a description of the crime.

Frazier is free on bail and is scheduled for sentencing on January 31, 2017. The judge has ordered her to keep away from animals.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Dr. Todd Hayden, the interim director of the Montgomery Co pound in Texas, alleged at a public meeting last month that employees were using the shelter as a dog flipping operation:

“In our county, if you lost your dog and you were on your way to work and it was picked up and brought to our shelter, it was probably flipped before you got home,” he said. “It went to a rescue and it was sold. A lot of people made a lot of money.”


The interim director said he had counted 228 animals sold before the [three day] stray hold was up, including 56 that went the same day they were brought in.

The sheriff’s office is investigating the claim.  (Thanks Jan.)


The Lake Co pound in FL, run by the sheriff’s office, released some statistics to demonstrate supposed improvement at the facility.  However, more than 900 animals appearing on the report have no outcome listed rendering the stats useless. You are probably wanting an assplanation. Got it:

Lt. John Herrell, spokesman for the sheriff, wrote in an email that “there are so many variables in these calculations, coupled with the fact that the software system is calculating the figures, there is no way I can explain the stats and percentages the program generated.”

There. Is. No. Way. I. Can. Explain.

This is excellent and I’m going to start using it at my job too.  (Thanks Davyd.)


I’m sorry everything is awful.  Here, have an I Don’t Give a Damn cat:

Jack (photo by Casey Post)


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  1. My Mom has been gone now for 3 years and 1 month and 2 days – my brother and I share the last dog she rescued – Rocky. My brother walks Rocky without fail every week-end in the local canyon….a few months ago Rocky (he’s a large dog, part St. Bernard at least) Rocky stood over something and would not budge until my brother came and inspected what Rocky had discovered.
    It was a kitten so young his eyes were still closed…my brother scooped the little one up in a t-shirt and looked around for maybe other kittens or a distressed Momma kitty. There were none…My brother called me and I just happened to have a friend who had recently rescued a Momma kitty who had nursing kittens.

    My friend and I put the canyon kitten with the Momma and she took to the orphan as her own….now the kittens have grown (the Momma kitty and now grown enough kittens have all been spay and neutered along with the Momma kitty) They are now in line to be adopted to homes….in Seattle. We all have joined in this effort with lots of love – and a dog rescued by my Mom….

    Just thought I should share this – because there are so many stories like this that I know of…I believe good people outnumber the monsters. But I don’t kid myself a lot of monsters have a lot of power….

    1. You and your brother and your mom – all wonderful people who have done good and done it well – thank you!

  2. Thanks for reading this Loranc – I also want to say the people I know … we all know never, ever take an animal to animal control. We know they are the enemy for animals, we all know animal control is the enemy from hard and tragic lessons – we never ever entrust an animal to them.

    And we tell others….a lot.

  3. Steve Shank has been doing some incredibly advocacy work in Lake County, Florida, and has support on the county commission to take the shelter operation back from the sheriff’s office. I’m looking forward to that the next few months hold for Lake County.

    Target Zero is active in Montgomery County, Texas. Biting my tongue on that one. We’ll see if some solid advocates there can turn the tide.

  4. That’s 900 missing animals that we know of. When you factor in cases like my dog God only knows how many “unknowns” they have.

  5. Surprise, surprise, a former aco on disability from a phony “slip and fall” accident while on the job now runs a donation-funded “rescue/kill shelter”.

    She’s such a “hero”, along with the CEO of the “rescue” that doesnt know her ass from a hole in the ground about horses, but is brilliant on raises hundreds of thousands in unaccounted for donations on social media from clueless buffoons in the public that so badly want to belong to the rescues “village of idiots”, that out of 400 horses she’s rescued this year alone, she has shot to death at least 56 healthy horses that she is refusing to produce vet reports and vet bills on the horses that “she says” the vet looks (at all the horses they rezcue). In addition, HUNDREDS OF HORSES OUT OF THE 400 “RESCUED” THIS YEAR with donated funds are MISSING, and she refuses to give the locations of all of the rescued horses (assets) rescued this year.

    San Diego County Animal Services (whom the founder of the “rescue” worked for until she slipped and hit her noggin) refuses to answer questions and/or investigate the 56 ILLEGAL SHOOTINGS OF 56 HORSES.

    Talk about corruption.

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