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  1. I take photos of animals for my local SPCA. One of my techniques is to turn off the lights in the room and use an in-cage light (just a cheap flash light pointed at the cage ceiling) to give me bigger pupils on the cats without terrible washout from the flash.

    Well, sometimes (okay, OFTEN) a cat will move out of position and get right over the light. I’ll normally try to move them back onto their bed or blanket with a toy, but I snapped this photo just before I stopped to move the cat back. With Halloween upon us, I decided to make use of the mistake, anyway –

      1. It is being watched. Local news stations outside of the area have picked it up, and GMA has been sniffing around it since the DNA evidence came back proving Jeb’s innocence.

        DNA from a dog was used to convect to men in 1998 for murder. It was the evidence that proved the case, everything else could have been explained away. So there is precedent for dog DNA being used in a court of law. The question now is: Does this DA want to open a legal can of worms by saying DNA isn’t proof?

  2. Outbreak of distemper at Stray Rescue of St Louis. Looks very bad although they are updating on both Randy Grim and the Stray Rescue page and trying to treat the dogs who have it. They are doing a live q and a Weds on facebook and have notified all recent adopters.
    It is awful but at least they seem to be doing everything they can and handling it better than most places I’ve seen.

  3. If you adopted a dog from Gregory’s Gift of Hope Shelter in New Richmond Wisconsin between June 15 2015-Sept 1 2015, or if you have reason to believe that your dog has had close contact with a dog so adopted, you need to have your dog tested for canine brucellosis.

    Be aware that your dog can appear to be completely healthy and still have this virus. And although canine brucellosis is technically considered a sexual disease dogs can still infect other dogs without the act of sex, AND it can be transmitted to humans (without the act of sex, incase that wasn’t clear).

    However if your dog tests positive on the initial test INSIST that your vet do a second test, as false positives are possible. And unfortunately there is no 100% cure for canine brucellosis and euthanasia is generally the recommended course since it is transmissible to humans.

    For additional information on the situation in Wisconsin:



    For additional canine brucellosis information:


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