Treats on the Internets

Texas – A former Bastrop County Animal Shelter employee who says she was fired from her job two months after bringing shelter pet abuse concerns to the county will have her whistleblower protection lawsuit heard in court. The county had tried to get the case dismissed but was unsuccessful.

A dog in Detroit who was left behind after his family was evicted from their home waited for them to return for a month before a local rescue group took him in.

A new report from the World Wildlife Foundation and the Zoological Society of London states the planet’s wildlife population has declined by nearly 60% since 1970 and by 2020, that number will be roughly 66%.

Horse art made from found objects including sticks and scrap metal.

Japan has everything.  Including owl cafes.

Hit:  Guy who dressed up as his dog’s favorite toy for Halloween.  Miss:  Guy who dressed up as his cat.

More Halloween:  President Obama at the White House with a baby Tigger and a lame duck.

One thought on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Ah, the county is trying to wiggle out of the whistleblower case because the woman didn’t contact police. She DID report it to the director, who was in charge of animal cruelty cases in the county AND the commissioners, in charge of the shelter. Not sure what they would expect the police to have done. Hope she gets her million. That’s the only way these places seem willing to change – lawsuits.

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