2 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. One of the best ways to help animals from the internet is to share information that exposes all the actor animal abusing confidence tricksters that so many misguided internet animal rights advocates are supporting and promoting today. Please help by sharing the evidence against Mrs Yang, Nami Kim and Marc Ching wherever you can to warn people.

    If you want to donate to help animals in the dog meat trade, please take the time to carefully research for the rescuers and shelters who are doing the real work to rescue and properly care for the animals but who are so under-funded because ‘celeb rescuers’ who are basically actors and confidence tricksters are diverting funds to themselves through lies and deceit.

    Sadly also many of the large charities including RSPCA, are also diverting massive amounts donations away from the real rescuers to themselves while in proportion to the funds received they are doing very little work to help the animals caught up in the dog meat trade.

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