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Texas – An off duty Tyler ACO was reportedly walking his dog past his neighbor’s yard where several children were playing.  When the family dog Lulu attempted to greet the ACO, he shot her to death, claiming he feared for his life.  Police are investigating.  (Some readers may recall Tyler as one of the cities which contracted the notorious Klein Animal Shelter to dispose of its community pets.)

Lulu was a beloved family member with no known history of aggression.  Nine year old Jaycie, a member of Lulu’s family, told the local news:

I don’t know why he would kill a dog if he was animal control, because he’s really supposed to save dogs not kill them.

I don’t know either.  But that’s a pretty good question.  Maybe taxpayers should demand an answer.  (Thanks to the reader who sent me this story.)


In an effort to boost morale at the Interior Department, employees will be allowed to bring their dogs to work as part of a test program on two Fridays in May and September at the department’s DC headquarters. (Thanks Clarice.)


If you have $3 million, you might like to buy Bela Lugosi’s old home in Hollywoodland where he and his wife lived with their large dogs, including a white German shepherd.  (Thanks Billy.)

bela gsd

2 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. thanks for the cool photo of Bela Lugosi and his beautiful white German Shepherd.

    I notice the teeny tiny sign – it states, “Beware of Dog” – nowadays that could be used against you – it could be argued by posting that sign you knowingly have a danger –

    It could red flag the dog and dog owner….homeowner’s insurance inspection with a sign like that could invite lots of questions and possible problems for dogs and owners.

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