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  1. mikken

     /  May 6, 2017

    Those dogs look weird.

  2. Pender County (NC) pound director discovers that, OMG, posting shelter pets online gets them adopted. Crazy! Who knew?

    • db

       /  May 17, 2017

      Imagine that! Still trying to convince our local animal control to share lost/found pets on social media, but they just don’t have the time or money. But they do find the time and money to kill when things get crowded.

  3. KateH

     /  May 20, 2017

    Animal control in Texarkana seem to not want to reunite people with their lost pets, or help with pets that need a safe place to go, anywhere near as much as they want to punish them. Steep rise in fees guarantees more animals die – way to be a good community resources – NOT!

  4. mikken

     /  May 25, 2017

    Let’s put some beered-up hunters in a hot air balloon – what could go wrong?

  5. Animal control officer fired, but he has a long history of things that should have gotten him fired.

  6. Karen F

     /  May 30, 2017

    A scientist argues that wild animals value freedom of choice, and have aesthetic preferences. If that’s true of wild animals, it must be true of domestic animals, as well.

  7. Awesome article about Smiley Pete, Lexington, KY’s town dog. He was thought to have been born in April 1943, and he began showing up on Lexington’s streets near the end of World War II. He was taken care of by the town’s merchants and lived until 1957.

  8. Here’s another article about a dog who just lived her life with no owner, looked after by locals, until she died of apparent old age in Lincoln County, NC:

    My favorite quote: “The man that was over the dog catchers at that time said that he’d watch her, which he did for a couple of weeks. He called back and said, ‘she doesn’t bother anyone and we’re just going to leave her alone.’ That was the end of that.”



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