Palm Beach County Animals in Danger

Some apparently terrible people have evacuated Palm Beach County ahead of Hurricane Irma and left their animals tied to trees and cars.  Local ACOs are rescuing as many as possible but also asking the public to take in any animals they see left outside.

And in an effort to reduce the shelter population in order to make space for more abandoned pets, they are waiving adoption fees as well as the normal foster and adoption application process.  I know some readers will hate that but I still believe that the overwhelming majority of those who foster and adopt shelter pets are kind-hearted people who will do right by the animals.  And we all know what far too many AC outfits do to reduce shelter population. (Rhymes with pill, hill and shill – actually I’m just going to give it away: it’s kill.)  This beats that with a stick.

2 thoughts on “Palm Beach County Animals in Danger

  1. I absolutely cannot believe that some stupid idiot would tie an animal to a tree.. that left such a horrible image in my head …what if the flood waters rise? Oh my God I can’t even imagine… either they’re stupid .. creul…or they’re just a bunch of sadistic bastards plain English. Even if they let them go in the streets the animal would still probably find better shelter for themselves rather than being tied to a tree … what if the winds take the tree? Oh my God I swear we are becoming a nation of pure heartless and cruel idiots. In any event personally I could never even think of evacuating without my animal that has been a member of my family or how anybody could leave an animal behind and say that you loved it’ll you cared for it only to fend for itself . especially after it being spoiled by you…. if they were ..which doesn’t sound like if you going to tie it to a tree…. however I give great kudos to those animal rescuers when there’s a natural disaster. I have a friend who adopted Hurricane Katrina dog and is the cutest sweetest little guy and having lost my beautiful Samoyed a few weeks ago and I’m still heartbroken I am seriously considering looking into one of these rescued animals. They need to find the owners of those pets and tie them to a tree when the storm hits.

  2. It was encouraging to see so many in Texas taking their animals wiith them. Now the reports from Palm Beach are very disheartening. I thought we had learned something from Katrina.

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