Is There a Frog Doctor in the House?

This morning, a beagle who shall remain nameless apparently injured a little frog.  This little frog:

Little frog.

I found him writhing and nearly upside down on the porch.  I set him over the right way around but he appears to have a bum back leg.  He’s stayed in the same spot all day, continually making pitiful attempts to move.  I fear leaving him there much longer because a snake will get him.  Sooooooo, I can’t think what else to do besides take him into my frog rehab center.  Which I’m about to Google how to build.  And I have no idea how I am supposed to feed him insects.  To be honest, I was hoping to find a less killy, vegetarian option but so far Google is telling me insects and worms so that’s terrible.

If anyone out there has any suggestions on how best to help him, I would certainly appreciate them.  I don’t even know what kind of frog he is.

18 thoughts on “Is There a Frog Doctor in the House?

  1. Hello! Looks like a toad to me. Have you tried contacting any local wildlife shelters? They would be able to heal its hurt leg; otherwise I fear it might not get better, but if the injury isnt that bad you never know. Most pet stores sell crickets and worms so feeding is not too hard.


    1. Thanks Alice. I got some good advice for transport on that site. I’ve found a place not too far from me that hopefully can take him. Waiting on a call back.


  2. UPDATE: Frog is now at a wildlife center. Unfortunately, the person who checked him in did not seem very hopeful about his survival. I am going to call and check on him tomorrow. They gave me a little piece of paper with their phone number and “Toad 113” written on it so I can check back. Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly.


  3. I hope he’s better. Poor little frog. You are so kind to help him Shirley. 😔🙏♥️

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  4. First of all – I was so excited to see YesBiscuit on my email this morning! The beagle wouldn’t be cutie Newt, would it? 😊 Please keep us posted and thank you for being so kind to all creatures.



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