(Clever Title Unavailable) A few updates

The reasons I haven’t been blogging these last few years… probably don’t interest most people. Update #2: I’d like to change the look of the blog to make it more streamlined and with currently active links. This may take me awhile to go through and I have technology challenges (old computer, dodgy internet connection and frankly WordPress has changed so much I’m trying to re-learn it as I go) so patience is appreciated. Input is very welcome.

I did my first Zoom meeting yesterday (I know, really grabbing this pandemic lifestyle by the horns) and a few segments were recorded for the No Kill in Motion youtube channel. This one is about a Colorado animal sheltering bill. I believe a couple more will be posted soon.

Anyway, please bear with me while I try to sort things.


17 thoughts on “(Clever Title Unavailable) A few updates

  1. I have been reading your blogs since you were on blogger, so not much chance of me leaving. Thanks for posting a photo of beautiful Jade.

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  2. We don’t care about your technical proficiency or whether the blog appearance is streamlined — we just want to know your ideas!

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