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A dog food company called Chippin partnered with a fishery in Kentucky to obtain a non-native species, silver carp, for use as the protein source in its food.

In studying three different shapes of pupils in animal eyes, researchers observed that horses and sheep, when lowering their heads to graze, rotate their eyes.

COVID-19 is surging in Cuba and some residents in lockdown have started raising pigeons on their rooves.

Waiving adoption fees is a good way to get more shelter pets into homes. The Forsyth County Animal Shelter in Georgia is doing no fee adoptions through September 7.

See an animal but not sure about the species? While some choose to take a photo, too often people decide to kill the animal, which is an attitude I wish we would change.

Turns out people have been into owls for a really long time.

If you are an observer of your backyard flora and fauna, you might be interested in collecting and reporting your data to help scientists.

A nice tribute to Alfie, a pitbull who was severely neglected, restored to health, and spent the rest of his life paying it forward.

A story about nine dogs confiscated from an alleged dogfighter contained this bit of surprising information:

Janette Reever is the Program Manager of Global Anti-Dogfighting for the Humane Society International. She was part of the crew that helped rescue the animals from a Gaston County home earlier this week.

Reever says the dogs left North Carolina at about 7:45 Friday morning. They will be taken out-of-state to an undisclosed shelter that is run by Humane Society specialists.

I’ve been out of the loop for awhile regarding HSUS news so was shocked to read they run a physical shelter now? Anyone know anything about that?

Cryptid love: A Twitter megathread examining the 1915 incident in which a sea monster was reportedly blasted out of the water after a steamer was torpedoed, then sank and subsequently exploded.

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