Treats on the Internets

The city of Mobile, Alabama adopted a tethering ordinance in February. In June, a neighbor called animal control to a home where a dog called Pebbles was tied to two trees. The animal control officer reportedly visited the home and left. The next day, the neighbor observed that Pebbles was dead on her tether, apparently standing on her hind legs as long as she could before succumbing to strangulation. The neighbor was upset that animal control had not removed Pebbles from the home upon finding a violation of the tethering ordinance.

[Lawrence] Battiste [the city of Mobile’s public safety director] said that enforcement of the ordinance is meant more for educational purposes, and to gain compliance.

So how’s that working out?

Animal advocates are expected to raise their concerns at a city council meeting today.

Four hundred years after being hunted to extinction in the United Kingdom, beavers may be released in a marshland area of London by a rewilding group:

While many associate beavers with the countryside, there are moves to return them to city centres, where they will create “wildlife corridors” by turning ugly canals into verdant wetlands.
Beaver (stock photo)

A floodplain in Placer County, California, dried out after decades of agriculture use, was restored in just three years by beavers and at a fraction of the cost required to fund a restoration conducted by a construction crew with heavy machinery. (Good explainer video at the link although it has no beavers.)

A veterinary pharmaceutical company developed and donated more than 11,000 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for animals living in zoos, conservatories, sanctuaries, academic institutions and government organizations in 27 states. The Oakland Zoo in California has vaccinated its tigers, black and grizzly bears, mountain lions and ferrets with primates and pigs next in line.

A dozen shrimp eels, not known for burrowing into the shoreline, recently surprised people (“Oh, that hole has a face!”) walking along Hilton Head beach in South Carolina. Neat video at link.

While land animals used in rewilding projects are generally safe from hunting, the same can not be said for sea animals. A general lack of captive bred sea animals only adds to the challenges faced by groups interested in rewilding the oceans. But there have been some successful starts and the potential exists to expand efforts in future.

2 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Dogs are mans best friends people need to quit abusing them and being mean to them there should NOT be any kill shelter s anywhere they should all be no kill shelter s all puppies want is to be loved and taken care of The law needs to come down hard on people that abuse and hurt precious dogs and I Mean HARD where people would be afraid to ever hurt another animal!!!



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