Animals in Art: Scientific Illustrations

From the book Domesticated Animals and Plants by Eugene Davenport, 1910
Two pages from the book Hounds by Frank Townend Barton, 1913
Artist unknown, inventor FHC Mey, from the book Cycling Art, Energy and Locomotion by Robert Pittis Scott, 1889
Artist unknown
Cuttlefish illustration from the book Zoology of the Invertebrate Animals by Alexander Macalister, 1896
Two pages from the book Atlas de Zoologie: ou collection de 100 planches by Paul Gervais, 1844
Art by Tony DiTerlizzi
Two pages from the book General and particular descriptions of the vertebrated animals: arranged conformably to the modern discoveries and improvements in zoology, Order Carnivora by Edward Griffith, William Wood & Thomas Davison, 1821
Marsupials by Karl Joseph Brodtmann, ca. 1824
Echidna skeleton from the book Zoology of the Vertebrate Animals by Alexander Macalister and A. S. Packard, 1878

(I may have taken some liberties here and there with the science part.)

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  1. I thought the dog powered bike would help exercising my hounds, after perusing the Foxhound diagrams and extrapolating to Beagles and a Doberman mix.
    Mush! Sort of.

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