Scientific Illustrations: Animal Parts

Two illustrations from the book Colouration in Animals and Plants by Alfred Tylor, 1886
From Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum, 1902
From The Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1907
Two illustrations from the book Mammals of Eastern Asia by GHH Tate, 1947
From the book Notes on the natural history of common British animals and some of their foreign relations by Kate M. Hall, 1913
From the book Mostly Mammals: zoological essays by Richard Lydekker, 1903
Vaquita skull by Giorgia Louise Jacques
Teeth of the seven gilled shark from the book Natural History of Victoria by Frederick McCoy, 1885
From the book The Royal Natural History by Richard Lydekker, 1893
From the book The Breeding of Animals by Frederick Blackmar Mumford, 1917
Illustration by Etta Piotti from The Placentation of the Manatee (Trichechus latirostris) by George B. Wislocki, 1935
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