The Handy Dog Booklet Series

In the mid-1940s, Captain Will Judy published a Handy Dog Booklet Series which included a dozen different titles. Each was illustrated and I’ve chosen some images to share from several of the booklets.

Laws about Dogs, 1943:

I’m dying to know the details of this case.

Feeding the Dog, 1945:

A filthy lie, I am told.

Whelping of Puppies, 1945:

The circle heads are killing me.

Stud Dog’s Care and Management, 1945:

I don’t think Capt. Judy wants us to breed mongrels. But showing an array of six adorable puppies is not particularly discouraging, to me anyway.

How to Sell Dogs, 1944:

Look how happy the dogs are though!

3 thoughts on “The Handy Dog Booklet Series

  1. You certainly have a wonderful collection of vintage animal books. About the image for “Laws about Animals” above — it is very moving & leads one to make up a story about the case. The man has clearly gotten in legal trouble connected with his dog — or is the dog simply comforting him? It would be interesting to find out what your other readers think is the story behind the image I think maybe the dog has been deemed dangerous & condemned & the man has been pleading for him. Or maybe he isn’t allowed to keep him where he is living. It certainly stimulates the imagination.

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