Animals in Art: Motherhood II

Above illustrations from Brehm’s Life of Animals: Volume I – Mammalia by Alfred Edmund Brehm, Wilhelm Haacke, Eduard Pechuël-Loesche & Richard Schmidtlein with illustrations by Friedrich Specht, Wilhelm Kuhnert, Gustav Mützel, Robert Kretschmer, Wilhelm Camphausen, Ludwig Beckmann, E. Schmidt, Carl Friedrich Deicker, Paul Menerheim, etc., 1895
Hedgehog and Young by Louis A. Sargent from the book The Wild Beasts of the World by Frank Finn, 1909
Illustration by S. T. Dadd in the book Wild Traits in Tame Animals by Louis Robinson, 1897
Illustration appearing in Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1869
Illustration from the book Marvels of Animal Life by Charles Frederick Holder, 1885
From the Cincinnati Zoo Guide by Sol A. Stephan, 1924
Engraving from the book Breeding, training, management, diseases & c. of dogs by Francis Butler, 1877
Photo from the book Dog Shows and Doggy People by Charles Henry Lane, 1902

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