Animals in Art: Egypt

Mosaic from Alexandria, ca. 2nd century BCE
Courtyard of a House in Cairo by Willem de Famars Testas, 1868 – 1881
Hippopotamus carved from red jasper ca.1550–1070 B.C.E., New Kingdom. Image credit and more info at The Metropolitan Museum.
Wisdom 1 by Reda Abdel Rahman, 2012
Cosmetic vessel in the shape of a cat
ca. 1990–1900 B.C.E., Middle Kingdom (Public domain) More info.
Pointer by Howard Carter: “Thebes. Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. Ostracon, Dyn. XIX-XX, in Cairo, Egyptian Museum”
Egyptian bronze figure of a shrew, Late Period (746-332 B.C.E.).
Displayed at Museum Hohentübingen.
Fragments of a papyrus, ca. 1250 – 1150 BCE, New Kingdom. Displayed at The British Museum.
Interior of a school, Cairo by John Frederick Lewis, 1865
Cosmetic spoons in the shape of a mouse and a dog, ca. 1550–1295 B.C.E., New Kingdom. Displayed at The Met.
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2 thoughts on “Animals in Art: Egypt

  1. When I saw the first picture, I immediately thought of Nipper of the RCA logo and advertisement “His Master’s Voice”. They look quite similar. The Egyptians portrayed many animals, that is a very rich vein to mine. Another might be animals in advertising – a lot have practically made their companies and are keeping them solvent. Have you seen the Chevy truck ad featuring Walter the cat? Or the cat herding commercial of decades ago?

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