Henry Bergh and Audubon Society In Late 19th Century Trade Papers

I thought readers might enjoy looking back at the early days of organized animal advocacy in New York City.

The controversial practice of using hounds to hunt deer was condemned by the dog fancy trade papers of ASPCA founder Henry Bergh’s day but that didn’t stop proponents from trying to advance their case:

Forest and Stream, February 18, 1886

An obituary for a former dog fighter (dog fighting was another subject condemned by the trade papers of the fancy) in which Henry Bergh is mentioned:

The Fanciers’ Journal, July 18, 1891 issue

The Audubon Society’s main target at the time of its formation was people, specifically those who wore feathers, with no mention of cats as a significant threat to bird populations:

From The Fanciers’ Journal, June 7, 1890 issue

Supportive commentary from the same issue of the paper:

From The Fanciers’ Journal, June 7, 1890 issue

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