Vintage Dog Book Images: Hounds

Painting of a foxhound called Ringwood, a very popular hound name, from the book History of the Brocklesby Hounds, 1700-1901 by George Edwin Collins, 1902
From the book Cross Country with Horse and Hound by Frank Sherman Peer, 1902
Head like a brick.
Two foxhound photos from the book Horse and Hound by Roger D. Williams, 1908
Four pages from The Dog Book, Volume II by James Watson, 1906
From the book With Hound and Terrier in the Field: Hunting Reminiscences by Frances Elizabeth Slaughter, 1904
Otterhounds pictured in the book The Master of Hounds by George F. Underhill, 1903
Illustration from the book Modern Training and Handling by Bernard Waters, 1894
From the book The Hunting Directory by Thomas Burgeland Johnson, 1830
Cover of the book History of the Royal Rock Beagle Hunt by Nathaniel Caine, 1895

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