Animals in Art: Human-Animal Bond

Yin & Yang by Olga Krimon, 2016
Violin Practice by John Lechner, 2018
Photo from the book The Sporting Dog by Joseph Alexander Graham, 1904
Photo from the book The Human Side of Animals by Royal Dixon, 1918
Illustration by Bettina Baldassari
From the book Water-animals by Ella Rodman Church, 1890
Les Dames Goldsmith au bois de Boulogne en 1897 sur une voiturette (The Goldsmith Ladies in the Bois de Boulogne in 1897 on a Peugeot cart) by Julius LeBlanc Stewart, 1901
Depiction of a dog saving a person from drowning appearing in the book Canine Pathology by Delabere Blaine, 1832

Because the human-animal bond is so well established, it readily extends to myths, fairy tales, and imaginary animals:

Sophia Lady Burrell as Hebe by Henry Bone, R.A., 1804
Illustrator: Frank C. Pape from The Russian Story Book by Richard Wilson, 1916
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