Vintage Book: Anecdotes of Dogs

A selection of wood engravings from the book Anecdotes of Dogs by Edward Jesse · 1858 (originally published 1846):

Engraver: E. Landells, Painter: C. D. Radcliffe
Engraver: E. Landells, Painter: C. D. Radcliffe
Engraver: Pearson, Painter: Stewart
Engraver: W. Branston, Painter: W. Harvey
Engraver: Pearson, Painter: Carrendale

The above are all reasonable likenesses of the types of dogs named, especially given that specific breeds were very much in the developmental stage at the time of publication. But then we come to the pug:

Engraver: Pearson, Painter: W. R. Smith

This is obviously not the dog that was commonly being exhibited in shows as the pug just a couple decades after this book. But I am fond of the moniker “the comforter” for a small dog.

The entry on the beagle is rather short. The first illustration was engraved by T. Giles and painted by W. R. Smith and the second was engraved by E. Landells and painted by C. D. Radcliffe.

The beagles depicted appear to be much taller than the beagle that would be described in the breed standard before the end of the century but then size was always the personal preference of the huntsman. The dog in the foreground has been branded, a common practice for hunting dogs of the era.

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