Late 19th Century Dog Images

Two cover images from The American Kennel Register, 1885
From The Fanciers’ Journal, January 9, 1892
From The Fanciers’ Journal, February 1892
Two illustrations appearing in Forest and Stream, October 11, 1888 with the following acknowledgement: “We are indebted to Messrs. G. P. Putnam’s Sons for the accompanying illustrations of Hudson’s Bay dogs, taken from Robinson’s ‘Great Fur Land.’ They represent the true Husky type.”
From Forest and Stream, November 15, 1888

Given that distinct dog breeds and shows were relatively new, the public was fascinated with seeing the largest dogs pictured with the smallest, as these clippings illustrate:

The Saint Paul Globe, March 13, 1898
The Philadelphia Times, November 22, 1899
From The American Kennel Register, 1885

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