Is a Dog Protection Society Needed?

Stock image via Pexels

The American Field ran an article (below) in its June 15, 1895 issue on the need for a national organization dedicated to the protection of dogs. Such a society, the piece argues, could prosecute cases of dog killing and advocate for laws which regard the dog as having intrinsic value.

In 2022, there are several national organizations, known by their acronyms, that claim to protect dogs as well as other animals. So how did we do? To my mind, it’s been a poor showing. Prosecuting, or assisting with the prosecution of, cases of dog killing doesn’t seem to be a priority for any national organization. Legislative efforts are often aimed at punishing owners. The primary focus of the present day organizations seems to be fundraising and secondarily, taking animals away from people – images of which serve to drive the primary objective.

What are your thoughts? Do we currently have an effective national organization for the protection of dogs? Do we need one? What should the aims of such a society be?

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