Animals in Art: Trees

Illustration by Friedrich Specht from Brehm’s Life of Animals: Volume 1, Mammalia By Alfred Edmund Brehm, Wilhelm Haacke, Eduard Pechuël-Loesche & Richard Schmidtlein, 1895
Illustration by Charles Vess from the book The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint, 2013
Tiuren spiller by Theodor Kittelsen, 1894 – 1896
Deer and Tree Against Sunset by Antoine-Louis Barye, 1810 – 1875
Illustration by WS Berridge from the chapter on pets in The Book of the Animal Kingdom by William Percival Westell, 1910
Illustration by Ron Brooks from the book The Dream of the Thylacine by Margaret Wild, 2011
Deer in Midwinter by Lucy Grossmith
The Wise One by Kerry Darlington
Wilderness by Ulla Thynell
Forest with Deer by Roelandt Savery, c. 1608 – 1610

Honorable mention:

From the book Extinct Animals by Sir E. Ray Lankester, 1905
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