Vintage Show Dog Images II

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York) · Feb 19, 1899
Black cocker spaniel in The Dog Fancier, July 1906
Two images from The Field Illustrated, February 1915
The Field Illustrated, January 1915
The Dog Fancier, June 1920
Can anyone tell me what was so wrong with this type of shepherd that they had to be changed into the freaks we see in the show ring today? Pictured in The Dog Fancier, February 1921
The Dog Fancier, March 1921
Cover of The Dog Fancier, July 1921
Three airedale pups in The Dog Fancier, July 1921

One thought on “Vintage Show Dog Images II

  1. Nice to see the German Shepherd with straight back and legs, instead of the deformed ones they have now. Much better than that stupid Rin Tin Tin on a mountaintop look. That is why most police K9 departments get their dogs from a few breeders who stuck to the sensible look, usually from Europe. The Boston Terrier also seems to have a longer nose than the present version. Breeders have much to answer for. They’ve produced dogs that can’t mate naturally, can’t give birth naturally, fur that causes them to overheat, need surgery to breathe properly, have chronic back problems, and have assorted hereditary diseases. They also need to stop mutilating dogs by cutting ears and tails, as has largely been done in Europe. I’ve seen Doberman Pinschers with floppy normal ears and a tail, they look wonderful.

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