Time Travel and Cocker Crimes

About a hundred years ago, they made cocker spaniels much better than they do today. Therefore, it is very important that I be given a time machine.

Time machine–>dognappings–>improved world.

First on my list is this little guy, obviously:

The Dog Fancier, December 1920


The Dog Fancier, January 1917

Two images of Bob, another one worth criming for:

From the cover of The Dog Fancier, January 1917
The Dog Fancier, February 1921

And there are so many more:

Ch. Lucky in the book Dogs (Melbourne’s Sporting Library) G.A. Melbourne, editor, 1907
From The New Book of the Dog, Vol. I by Robert Leighton, 1907
From the 1912 Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ of Dogs Guide Book and Directory
From the cover of The Dog Fancier, December 1917
Two from The Dog Fancier, February 1904
The Dog Fancier, August 1904
The Dog Fancier, February 1907

Bob again, in an ad:

The Dog Fancier, January 1917

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