Vintage Women and Their Dogs

Country Life in America, February 1902
From the book British Dogs (Third Edition) by W. D. Drury, 1903
Mrs. Pryse-Rice riding side saddle with her hounds from the book Hare-hunting and harriers; with notices of beagles and basset hounds by H. A. Bryden, 1903
The Dog Fancier, February 1904
Dogdom magazine, May 1907
Dogdom magazine, August 1907
Dogdom magazine, October 1907
Dogdom magazine, November 1907
Dogdom magazine, January 1908
Dogdom magazine, January 1908
From the book Sporting Dogs; Their Points and Management in Health and Disease by Frank Townend Barton, 1910
Three ladies (one holding a terrier), one gent and a pack of otterhounds pictured in the book Hounds by Frank Townend Barton, 1913
Country Life in America, February 1915
Dogdom magazine, January 1908

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