Vintage Pekingese

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Dogdom, April 1912
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Dogdom, February 1913
Two images from Dogdom, February 1913
Dogdom, March 1916
Dogdom, March 1916
Dogdom, April 1916
Dogdom, August 1916
Anon. (1916, August). The dog for the car. House and Garden, p. 29
Dogdom, January 1917
Dogdom, January 1917
Same dog as first pic, from Dogdom, February 1917
The Dog Fancier, January 1918
House and Garden, October 1911
Dogdom, March 1912
House and Garden, January 1916
House and Garden, January 1916
House and Garden, June 1916
This one looks like a bulldog cross. From House and Garden, December 1916

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  1. As late as the 1960s, Pekingese could run hurdle races over appropriately sized hurdles. I can’t forgive what has been done to them since.

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