Vintage Corded Poodles

Corded poodles aren’t commonly seen in any era. Here are a few from around the turn of the century.

Forest and Stream, December 17, 1885
Shields, G.O. (1891). The American book of the dog. Chicago, Illinois: Rand, McNally & Company
The Fanciers’ Journal, April 9, 1892
Image used to represent the breed in the book: Huntington, H.W. (1901). The show dog. Providence, RI: Remington Printing Co
From the book British Dogs (Third Edition) by W. D. Drury, 1903
From the book Dogs
(Melbourne’s Sporting Library)
G.A. Melbourne, editor, 1907
Dogdom magazine, November 1907
Fuertes, L.A. (1919). The book of dogs. Washington, D.C.: The National Geographic Society

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