Vintage Corded Poodles

Corded poodles aren’t commonly seen in any era. Here are a few from around the turn of the century.

Forest and Stream, December 17, 1885
Shields, G.O. (1891). The American book of the dog. Chicago, Illinois: Rand, McNally & Company
The Fanciers’ Journal, April 9, 1892
Image used to represent the breed in the book: Huntington, H.W. (1901). The show dog. Providence, RI: Remington Printing Co
From the book British Dogs (Third Edition) by W. D. Drury, 1903
From the book Dogs
(Melbourne’s Sporting Library)
G.A. Melbourne, editor, 1907
Dogdom magazine, November 1907
A corded poodle used to represent the variety in the book Dogs of All Nations by Walter Esplin Mason, 1915
Fuertes, L.A. (1919). The book of dogs. Washington, D.C.: The National Geographic Society

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